Intro to Computer Engineering

Module 5 Prep

In this module we gain additional practice, combining three concepts we have looked at earlier: FSMs, delta-timing, and commmunications.



Delta timing is described in Chapter 6 of the course text.


Digital Inputs

You can ignore the references to interrupts in the first video, we are not doing that this semester.


Delta Timing

Rather than using blocking delay timing techniques, in some situations, it is be necessary to check for certain events at a specified rate, or it may be necessary for different parts of our system to communicate with each other periodically. In these scenarios, a delta timing technique can be used to synchronize these events and make them consistent.



Video Description
Digital Inputs This video gives a review of analog vs. digital signals and discusses digital inputs.
Delta Timing In this video we review delta timing and show some examples.

Since this week’s material is review, there is no Quiz 5A.

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