Intro to Computer Engineering

CSE 132 - Intro to Computer Engineering - Spring 2023

Course Information

CSE 132 introduces students to fundamental concepts in the basic operation of computers, from microprocessors to servers, and explores the universal similarities between all modern computing problems: how do we represent data? How do we communicate with other computers? How do processors "think"?

We study inputs, outputs, and sensing; information representation; basic computer architecture and machine language; time-critical computation; inter-machine communication; and protocol design.

Students use both desktop systems and hand-held (Arduino-compatible) micro-controllers to design and implement solutions to problems. They also participate in active-learning sessions where they work with professors and their peers to solve problems collaboratively.

Prerequisite: CSE 131 or equivalent.

Administrative Logistics

The instructor for the course this semester is James Orr.

The welcome email I sent out is here.

Head TAs this semester are Nina Tekkey and Michael Filippini. TA office hours are documented here.

This is a lecture-less class, please do the prep work and attend studio to keep up.

Lab locations are on the 2nd floor of Urbauer. Come to the lab for which you are registered, but we may move you to a different section (at the same time) to better handle the load.

We will primarily use Piazza for communication in the class. Please use Piazza over email for asking questions.

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The calendar is subject to change during the course of the semester.


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