Intro to Computer Engineering

TA Hours - This will be updated whenever any information changes


The instructor for this course is James Orr.

Instructor Hours

Day Time Room Instructor
Wednesday During Class Urbauer Labs James (plus TAs)

Please inquire on Piazza for additional instructor-specific office hours.

Weekly recitations will happen via Zoom on Fridays at 1pm. On the Fridays before an exam, the recitation will be used to review for the exam. See Canvas for Zoom links.


The Head TAs for this course are Nina Tekkey and Michael Filippini.

TA Hours

Day Time Room
Monday 4-10 pm Urbauer 216
Tuesday2 4-10 pm Urbauer 218
Wednesday3 6-8 pm Urbauer 218
Thursday 4-6 pm Urbauer 214
Friday 2-4 pm Urbauer 216
Saturday 4-8 pm Urbauer 218
Sunday 4-6 pm Urbauer 218

2 TA hours on Tuesday are help-only. 3 Demos on Wednesdays after lab time do incur the use of a late ticket.

Help During Lab Times

On Wednesdays, Urbauer 218 will be used for help while Urbauer 222 (at 1:00) and 216 (at 2:30) will be used for assignment demos.

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