Intro to Computer Engineering

Module 6 Prep

This module we introduce protocols, which provide a consistent form of communication between the Arduino and the PC (actually, between any two processors).

We will again be using the Java Simple Serial Connector (jSSC) library for serial communications. A local copy of the JavaDoc for the library can be found here.



Read Chapter 12 in the course text.


Data Representation, Protocols, and Observability

Video Description
Data Elements It is important to understand how data is represented on the Arduino side and the Java side, so this video offers a comparison.
Protocol Design You’re now ready to think about designing and implementing protocols to ensure consistent communications from the arduino to Java.
Observability How do we know that our protocol is working as intended? Let’s watch it in action!


Sparkfun Tutorial on Ultrasonic Sensor

This module also introduces an ultrasonic distance sensor. This tutorial, from SparkFun, describes the setup of the sensor. Don’t worry about the actual experiment in the tutorial (although it might be fun to do!), it is the Hardware Hookup section that will be most beneficial. Also, focus on the distance sensor, not the RGB LED.

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